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Navajo Prints.

I love, love, love the matching crop top and midi skirt trend! Even if this trend starts to die down soon, I’m still going to be sporting it for awhile to come…I think it’s so flattering, womanly and stylish! This particularly set fits me so well and is thick and

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Jersey Dress, Fashion

Jersey Style Dress.

Almost everything in this outfit of mine is a new purchase…if you haven’t guessed already, clothes shopping is my weakness. I recently traveled to SF to visit all of my college girlfriends and we inevitably did some shopping together…woops! I was immediately attracted to this jersey style shirt/dress. It’s so

New & Old Drugstore Goodies

Going to the drug store is dangerous for me. I could need one and I mean literally only one thing, but as soon as I venture into the vortex that is the makeup section I get sucked in and need to be pulled out (usually by my sister). It’s just

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Too Faced Blush

Favorite High End Makeup of 2014

When it comes to makeup, I am constantly experimenting with new brands and formulas. I do this because for one, I get bored of my look easily (hence my currently pink hair) and two, makeup is such a fun and non-permanent way to play with one’s style! The best thing

All Jean Everything.

Is it just me, or was wearing jean on jean a fashion faux-pas in the past? What’s funny, is that now it’s very trendy and one of my favorite looks! There’s several ways to pull off the jean on jean look. I like pairing blue jeans or high-waisted shorts with

Boyish Chic.

I’m a big fan of the whole androgynous look. Something about females pulling off masculine looks and styles is alluring and sexy to me. If I’m in the mood for a more masculine, sharp look I like to incorporate baggier or boxier lines (like these ripped boyfriend jeans), but with


Welcome to Mik & Mant! After much fiddling around and many google searches, at last my blog is up and running! I can’t wait to share my personal style, beauty and fashion tips with you all very soon! Fashion in particular has always been one of my main passions and