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Two Ways to Wear a Trench Coat.

Lately, I’ve been really into long sleek coats. They’re so chic and simplistic and remind me of the trendiness of New York. There are several ways to style a trench coat while making it elegant and sexy. Here are two ways to wear the same trench coat. These looks could

Gray Trench Coat, Boyfriend Jeans

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Bohemian Shift Dress.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a chameleon when it comes to style. Recently I decided to go for a more bohemian look and took advantage of the beautiful and sunny California weather we’ve been having. I love the details of this flowy flowered dress: from the v-neck to the buttons

Bohemian Dress, Imitation Birkenstocks, Flowered Dress

About My Hair, Pink Hair, Pastel Pink

About My Pink Hair.

If you’ve been following my blog you might be wondering why my hair looks a different color from post to post. I thought I’d give you the low down on my hair coloring process for those of you that are interested. The story (which is a long one) begins about

Just Peachy.

There’s something very timeless and sophisticated about a monochrome outfit. If done carelessly though, it can look a bit dull or bland. A good way to add dimension to a monochrome look is to add pieces of the themed color (ex: peach) that contain pattern or texture (ribbing, suede, faux-fur,

Peachy, Monochrome, Flower, Fashion

Gothic, Vampy, Velvet Dress, Gold Jewelry, Fashion

Goth Inspired Look.

I believe there are several cool ways to pull off a “goth” look. I use the word gothic here to describe the all black, dark color scheme and rich textures of the outfit; it sort of reminds me of Wednesday Addams from the Addams family (am I the only one