Hey! I’m Sam. My full name is Samantha, but I’ve always preferred boy names for girls. I am currently a student aspiring to be a doctor. Despite being a nerd (which I shamelessly admit), I love all things girly: fashion, beauty, you name it. In my very brainy, formulaic world of schooling I take great pleasure and solace in the imaginative and ever-evolving chaos of fashion. The most accurate way for me to describe my style would be eclectic: a blend of hip-hop, femininity and masculinity, edginess and earthiness. I share my love for fashion with my sister Mikki, who when she was little and ‘goo goo and ga ga-ing’ settled for shortening my long name to “Mant.” Our styles are forever intertwined, hence the name “Mik & Mant.” I hope the content on this site inspires you to explore and drives you to be you.