Pushing Fashion Boundaries.

It’s been a hot minute since I posted one of my looks on the blog. Instead I’ve been posting regular outfit photos on my Instagram (@samsachs1), but I recently decided to get back on it:)
This post is all about pushing fashion boundaries and this outfit is a perfect example

white lace bodysuit, denim skirt, clear heels

Dark Jeans, Brown Satchel, Embroidered Top

Free Spirit.

Lately, I’ve been really feeling the free spirited, flower child kind of vibes. I’ve worn variations of this outfit several times and continue to get compliments on it! I paired some dark wash high waisted jeans with this ultra cute embroidered off the shoulder top. This outfit is all about

Casual Glam.

I’m finally back with this casual glam look! This look is very chill, comfortable, and always stylish. You can never go wrong with all black and a few statement pieces or pops of color. I wanted the staple of the outfit to be the layered chokers and red lip, so

Layered chokers

Overall Dress, Striped Tee

Stripes and Denim.

Here’s a modernized take on an 80’s trend: denim overalls. I’ve posted another look sporting some floral print overalls awhile back, but this outfit showcases a cute way to wear a denim dress for the springtime. Pairing the dress with a graphic, plain or distressed tee, a floral or bright

Island Vacation Attire.

With summer not so far away, I decided to put together two simple, but girly and beach appropriate outfits for any vacations you may be taking in the near future. If you’re heading to an exotic island and are going to be out laying by the water and soaking in

Turquoise Jeweled Sandals

Sunflower Dress, Brown Satchel

Florals and Fedoras

Now that spring is upon us, I wanted to shift gears and add some more seasonal looks to the blog. I decided to use Mikki as my model for this feminine springtime outfit. We paired this long floral dress with a fedora, satchel purse and lace up sandals, creating a

Last Minute Festival Looks.

With music festivals under way, I figured this post may come in handy and provide some inspiration for those of you planning any last minute festival looks! Here are two different looks that Mikki and I found to be spunky, eclectic and dope AF 😉

When it comes to

Kimono, Ripped Jeans, Stacked Bracelets

Brown Matching Set, Black Baseball Cap, Gray Wig

Chocolate Brown and Camo.

If you guys have been following my blog/social media you’ll have noticed I’m currently stuck in a matching set phase. I stocked up on four of these sets and have been living in them ever since. Whether it’s a legging and cropped long sleeve like this one or a hoodie

Cozy Sweats.

Sweats and sweatshirts are the epitome of comfort, so what better way to integrate style and coziness than a sweatsuit? It’s a win-win outfit in my opinion;) The key to wearing a sweatsuit and not looking like you’re rocking your pj’s out in public is to a. either wear a

White Cropped Sweatsuit

Liquid Lipstick Collection

My Liquid Lipstick Collection.

Liquid Lipsticks have been the “it” makeup product for quite some time now. Ever since they started to gain popularity virtually every makeup brand, drug store and high end, has come up with their own formula of liquid lip. Compared to several beauty bloggers, my collection is miniscule, but I