Pushing Fashion Boundaries.

It’s been a hot minute since I posted one of my looks on the blog. Instead I’ve been posting regular outfit photos on my Instagram (@samsachs1), but I recently decided to get back on it:)

This post is all about pushing fashion boundaries and this outfit is a perfect example of that. It’s definitely a fun and eclectic one. As you can see, I played with textures and colors and paired what some might think are unusual pieces together. Fashion is all about how you wear it and carry yourself. I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t abide by fashion “rules,” because in my opinion there are no rules. Some of the ‘weirdest’ pairings can look really dope if worn with confidence and swag.

white lace bodysuit, denim skirt, clear heels

I love bodysuits for going out because they are comfortable, don’t ride up when you’re dancing and they’re always sexy. I paired the bodysuit with this distressed asymmetric hem denim skirt to add an edgier flare and show off some leg. If you find classic denim skirts more conservative, try looking for a frayed hem like this one to give the skirt an edgier, playful vibe.

I came across these color blocked heels recently and fell in love (the heel is pink). The plastic material and neon colors can turn any simple outfit into something eye-catching. Of course the same outfit could be paired with a nude or white strappy heel, but I felt these heels, along with the turquoise graphic purse took an outfit that would be average and cute to one that was special and unique.

pushing fashion boundaries

I hope this post inspires you to be bold with your fashion choices and embrace your individual sense of style proudly!


Bodysuit: Sogno, similar here

Skirt: Fashion Nova

Heels: Fashion Nova, similar here

Purse: Topshop

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